• Product Description AVX-A Series Cooling Capacity from 96 to 548RT (338 to 1929kW). The AVX-A Series features:- High Efficiency Vertical Screw Compressors Flooded Shell and Tube Evaporator Advanced Microprocessor Controller Unique Low Noise Control Design Suitable for Standard or High Ambient Application Environmentally Friendly AHRI Certified R134a

  • WCS Series Cooling Capacity from 42 – 218 kW (12 – 62 TR) The WCS Series features: Multiple Scroll Compressors Dunham-Bush Patented Shell & Tube Evaporator and Condenser High Efficiency and COP Microprocessor Based Controller R407C / R22

  • WCFX-V Series Cooling Capacity from 457 – 22638 kW (130 – 750TR). The WCFX-V Series features: High Efficiency Screw Chiller Inverter Driven Compressor Suitable for Green Building Application Touch Screen Control Panel Reliable and Flexible Applications Environmentally Friendly Improved Performance and IPLV AHRI Certified R134A

  • DCLC-M Series Cooling Capacity from 90 to 800RT (316 to 2814kW). The DCLC-M Series features:- High EfficiencyMagnetic Bearing Technology Inverter Driven Dual-Stage Compressor Oil Free Operation with Less Maintenance Low Noise with Compact Foot Print Improved Performance and IPLV AHRI Certified R134a

  • DCLC-D Series The DCLC-D Series features:- Dual Stageand High Efficiency Compressors Flooded Shell and Tube Evaporator and Condenser Advance Microprocessor Controller 4” TFT Colours Touch Screen Display Automatic Refrigerant Purifier Optional VFD Suitable forHigh Ambient and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Application AHRI Certified R134a

  • Product Description ACDS Series Cooling Capacity from 35 -633 kW (10 – 180 TR) The ACDS Series features: Multiple Scroll Compressors High Efficiency Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) High Efficiency and COP Available in Modular Design AHRI / ETL Certified * R410a * 60Hz only

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